Tips For a Great Senior Session!

Being that it’s the middle of April – it’s time to start thinking about senior portraits! Our biggest special is our May 40% off, and we want you to be fully prepared for your session. Here are a few of our best session tips:

1. Plan on bringing clothes that fit your style. We want you to LOVE what you’re wearing, so keep that in mind when picking out your outfits. Also – accessories can be great to jazz up an outfit or to add a bit of extra flare! If you have a favorite fedora or sequined scarf – bring it! Take a cue from Kyle and Janelle below – they both added their own style to their session… Kyle with one of his fave hats, and Janelle with some funky jewelry and playful sandals.


2. It’s usually best to bring at least one traditional outfit. You may think that traditional, classic clothes are boring – but they don’t have to be! Keep in mind point #1, and add a bit of your own personality to that traditional outfit. Dark, solid colors with long sleeves work best for a head and shoulders shot, so take that idea and put your own spin on it! Check out Vince and Amy – they’re head shots look amazing, and they took our advice with wearing solid, dark colors!

3. Stay out of the sun! Moderate tans are beautiful, but very deep tans and sunburns don’t photograph well. Try to avoid a lot of sun at least a few days leading up to your session. Take notice of these girls… it goes to show that it doesn’t matter if you’re fair skinned like Breanna or have a bit more color like Nonglee, their skin looks fabulous!

4. Take care when applying your make up. Too much will look fake, but it’s not good to have too little either. We think it should be of evening-wear intensity… and natural shades work best. Iridescent or sparkly eye shadow reflects too much light and appears unnatural. Allison opted for soft, natural makeup while Alexa wanted a bit more drama and so went with a darker evening look. Your everyday routine will play a large part in this – but you can’t go wrong if you use one of these girls as inspiration!

5. Come into the session with a positive attitude! Getting your senior portraits taken is a  big occasion, and we want you to have a fantastic time. Make sure to get plenty of rest the night before, and don’t forget to pack everything you need ahead of time so you’re not rushing right before the session. Attitude can make all the difference, so don’t forget to prepare mentally for your session too!

Fun in Manitowoc With High School Senior Courtney!

Lincoln senior Courtney came to us for a one-of-a-kind senior portrait session, and that’s just what she got! She was looking for shots in the studio as well as on the beach with her 3 outfits, so we made a special stop at Silver Creek after the studio. Best thing being that not only do get you the classic portraits that Mom and Dad like, but also do the more artsy, fun poses that we know you crave. The beach made a beautiful backdrop for Courtney’s images, especially since she dressed properly for the setting with a simple blue top and white shorts. It is important to keep in mind that your clothes should not draw all of the attention in the photograph, it’s your face that people want to see! So keep it simple with solid colors that compliment your background, just like Courtney.

How to Get the Most out of Your Senior Session.

Getting the most out of your high school senior picture session starts with a small bit of preparation. Bringing things such as a wake board, sports gear, instruments and clothing that matches daily wear and personality is just the beginning of a great session that will produce images that you are looking for. Here are a few helpful tips that Turba Photography recommends to make your senior picture session a memorable one that will result in pictures that last forever:
  • For your traditional portrait we recommend a formal, classic ensemble. Long sleeves photograph well, especially under a sportcoat or sweater. Make sure your outfits fit you; you never squeeze into something too small. Most of all, wear clothes that you are comfortable in.
  • Aviod bold patterns, stripes, polka dots or plaids. Darker colors, such as gray, black, or navy, will match the backgrounds and help keep the emphasis of the portrait on you.
  • Outdoor portraits look best in natural colors such as green, brown, white and off-white. Outfits should fit in with the outdoor scene.
  • For a personal touch, feel free to bring school sports uniforms, sweaters, prom dresses, or dance attire. Props such as musical instruments, hats, athletic equipment and/or hobby items are welcome, as well as a friend for a “buddy” picture.

Hair and Makeup tips:

  • Haircuts work the best if they occur approximately one week before the session. Avoid new styles or perms immediately before the session.
  • Men should shave as close to the session time as possible.
  • Make-up should be of evening wear intensity, not too dramatic, but heavier than for daylight hours. Natural shades of foundation, blush, and lipstick are best in traditional portraits; darker shades are alright with prom dresses or other special evening wear.
  • Eye make-up should be soft and smoky. Iridescent or sparkly eye shadow reflects too much and appears unnatural. Most light blue shades are too shiny to photograph well. Do wear mascara, but do not let it get clumpy. Take special care with your eye make-up.
  • Careful make-up application can improve the appearance of your proofs. Any blemishes that are still visible will be retouched in your final portraits.

Summer Sun:

  • Moderate tans are beautiful. However, you should avoid the sun at least three days before your session. Very deep tans and sunburns do not photograph very well.

We hope that these help answer a few questions that you may have about your senior session. At Turba, our photographers take a lot of your personality and clothing choices into consideration when matching-up backgrounds and poses. Take a look through our seniors gallery on our web site and click through our blog to get even more ideas for what is all possible for your session. We want you to look your best!